Myrtle Blocks
Myrtle Wood Blocks

Used as supports under audio components or cables.

Maximize the performance of any audio component or cable with the Ayre myrtle wood blocks. Slightly taller than the original feet on Ayre equipment, they are designed to be placed directly between the chassis of any audio component and its support shelf. The notched blocks provide isolation for interconnects, speaker cables or power cords. You'll be captivated with the improved musicality these wood blocks provide.

Attention! Due to the rising cost of Myrtle wood and the labor to make these blocks, we have had to raise the pricing. All of the blocks have gone up approximately 50% in cost beginning February 1, 2014.

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“…I employ some of Ayre’s Myrtle Wood Blocks as component supports (they made a surprising difference—to my chagrin, having decided “intellectually” that they couldn’t).”

– Wes Phillips, Stereophile