K-1xe : preamplifier

“To be frank, I want one and I want it bad.”
Ayre K-1xe and V-1xe  –Jason Kennedy, Hi-Fi Choice

“I could have lived gleefully with the K-1xe and any of the amps I had here.”
Ayre Acoustics K-1xe Preamplifier  – Marc Mickelson, SoundStage!

“The K-1x is simply the finest-sounding line-stage preamplifier I've heard in my system, both drawing me into the music and closer to the actual event.”
Soundstage! Reviewers' Choice  – John Leosco, SoundStage!

“Sweet? Lord, yes. Extended? Absolutely. Also authoritative, smooth, and timbrally true. The K-1x is an extremely polished performer…”
K-1x  – Wes Phillips, OnHiFi.com

“…one of an exceedingly small handful of products that seem capable of going about as far into the realm of musicality as we've ever ventured.”
K-1x Follow-up  – Wes Phillips, OnHiFi.com

“The K-1x is the finest solid-state preamplifier that I've heard”
Charles Hansen interview  – Richard Hardesty, Audio Perfectionist Journal