KX-5 Twenty : preamplifier

Above all, the music flows freely with natural, unforced dynamics and an exceptionally natural sense of rhythm and timing. While the VX-5 offers ample power, the KX-5 pre is easy to use with well thought-out facilities. It’s nothing less than a truly outstanding amplifier combination.

–Steve Harris, Hi-Fi News and Record Review

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“I could happily live with this Ayre preamp and amp, even as part of a system that costs many times their combined price, and never give replacing them a second thought.”

–Marc Mickelson,The Audio Beat

If there’s an audiophile manufacturer that makes analog preamplifiers better than Ayre Acoustics does, I’m not aware of it.
Recommended Reference Component: Ayre Acoustics KX-5 Twenty Preamplifier
–Jeff Fritz, SoundStage!

“The attention to detail, quality, and performance that I have experienced while reviewing the formidable KX-5 preamplifier has reaffirmed my position that Ayre Acoustics makes some of the best audio gear money can buy.”

“…the KX-5 -- it performed flawlessly, exhibited outstanding sound quality, and proved to be the quietest preamplifier I have ever heard in my system.”

Ayre Acoustics KX-5 preamplifier
–Aron Garrecht, SoundStage!