KX-R Twenty : preamplifier
The KX-R Twenty was released in February 2014. This is the largest transformation we have ever made to a product. As a KX-R owner, you will keep the chassis and transformer of your current KX-R and literally everything else will be changed, including a complete rebuild of the volume control. Here is a short list of the new technologies and circuit changes;

Completely new "AyreLock" power supply.

Optimization of the current mirror in the Equilock gain stage.

Ayre’s exclusive Diamond output stage.

Significant part upgrades in all critical areas of the audio circuit.

Thorough fine-tuning of the audio modules.
Every KX-R being transformed to the KX-R Twenty needs to be returned to the factory.

To arrange an appointment for your KX-R please contact your local dealer.

In North America KX-Rs purchased from an authorized Ayre dealer will receive a new 5 year warranty upon transformation to a KX-R Twenty. If you live outside of the US, please check with the distributor in your country for warranty details.