QX-5 Twenty : Digital Hub

Ayre QX-5 Digital Hub Firmware Update

Release Information:

Release date: March 13, 2018.
Category: Latest Official Release

General Firmware Version: H
Network Firmware Version: 03.05.15

For a list of previous revisions, click here.

Release Notes:

This firmware is designed only for the Ayre QX-5. Compared to the previous official release of firmware revision G, and network revision 03.02.03, this version improves AP and WPS connection modes, improves sample rate switching, and reduces issues with DSD and HDCD playback.

Bug Corrections:

  • Fixed bug where QX-5 would appear as uncertified in Roon. Users experiencing this issue can now perform a network reset after updating to redisplay correct model information for QX-5.
  • Corrected a bug where HDCD files were not playing back correctly.


  • Reduces (does not eliminate) pops heard during sample rate transitions.
  • Reduced drop outs heard during DSD playback through the network input with a temporary correction until further addressed.

Known Issues:

An issue was recently discovered that can cause short drop-outs in audio while playing DSD files over the network still exists but has been reduced with this update. When the DSD flag is brieftly lost, this will sound like brief pops or drops in output. A further correction will be necessary in a future update.

Firmware Updates:

Firmware updates may be made available for the QX-5 Twenty. These updates may provide new features and/or improve the use and reliability of your unit. There are two types of firmware updates that are available for the QX-5 Twenty.

Do not turn off the QX-5 Twenty while updates are in progress.

Firmware Upgrade Instructions:

Warning: Although the firmware upgrade is an easy and usually trouble-free process, it is important to ensure that the power supply to the player is stable, and the upgrade process is not interrupted. A failed firmware upgrade can render the player unusable.

Network Updates

Network updates only affect the network module of the QX-5. Whenever the QX-5 Twenty is switched from standby to operation mode, the installed network device will connect with the Ayre web server to check for a network update. If an update is available, the unit will show the word UPDATE? in the display. Choose either to begin the upgrade by pressing the right-hand button (illuminated green) or cancel the update by pressing the left-hand button (illuminated red). If the update is cancelled, note that the QX-5 will ask to update the network module every time it is taken out of standby mode. As it is important to stay current with updates, there is no way to permanently cancel an update check.

If you press the right-hand button, the update will begin and the word UPDATING along with numbers (5…10…15…etc.) will appear on the display, showing the progress of the update until complete at 100, and the display will read UPDATE DONE.

General Firmware Updates       DOWNLOAD

General updates affect the firmware for the unit’s operating system, display, digital filters, etc. The general firmware of the QX-5 Twenty may be updated for ease of use and reliability. The unit’s firmware version can be found by accessing the Setup Menu.

1) Enter the Setup Menu, from MAIN INPUT, scroll to the right (using the right arrow on the control ring) until you see FW REV.

2) Press the right-hand button and the firmware version will be displayed as "FW-X xx.xx.xx". The letter following "FW-" is the general firmware revision. The "xx.xx.xx" portion shows the network firmware revision.

3) If the QX-5 Twenty’s firmware version does not match the version listed next to General Firmware Version at the top of this page, then download the new version from here

4) Delete any instances of a QX5boot folder from a USB flash drive if it already exists. Extract the QX5boot folder from the QX5boot.zip file and save the folder and all of its contents to the root directory of the USB flash drive. It is very important that this folder appears at the root level of the flash drive or the QX-5 will not recognize it. Be sure to copy the FOLDER inside the QX5boot.zip file to the USB flash drive and not the .zip file, itself or the QX-5 will also fail to read the file correctly. Ensure that the folder name is (case sensitive) "QX5boot" without the quotes and with no numbers following the name.

5) Find the rocker switch on the back panel of the unit and switch it to “OFF”.

6) Insert the USB flash drive into the port labeled “Firmware Update” on the back panel.

7) Turn the rocker switch on the back panel of the unit to “ON”. The firmware update will commence automatically. While the unit is updating itself, either the left-hand button will be illuminated red or the display will read "Updating...", depending on when the unit was built. When complete, the unit will return to system-sleep mode.

8) Return the unit to operation mode by pressing the right-hand button.

9) Remove the USB flash drive from the back of the unit. If it is accidentely left in, the unit will re-update itself every time it is turned on.

Contact Ayre Support:

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Phone: (303) 442-7300