Windows ASIO4ALL Setup :

Introduction (Recommended only for advanced users.)

ASIO4ALL creates a direct pathway for the data in your music files to reach your USB D/A converter in bit-perfect fashion. It is a DLL (Dynamically Linked Library) that is only activated when specifically called up by your music player software.

ASIO4ALL appears to your computer as an ASIO (Audio Stream Input/Output) driver, and therefore has direct access to the audio data stream at a very low level inside your computer. It bypasses the KMixer, re-injecting the audio data via kernel streaming. Some users find that this technique improves the sound quality slightly compared to using the standard Direct Sound interface.


There are three steps to setting up kernel streaming with ASIO4ALL:

1) Installation of the ASIO4ALL driver on your computer. The latest version of ASIO4ALL may be downloaded from

After you have downloaded the application, run it by double-clicking the file where you have downloaded it. It will install a DLL file in the Program Files directory where your music player application can access it. It will also create an entry for ASIO4ALL in the "Start - Programs" menu of your computer which will include the Instruction Manual as well as an Uninstall button.

2) Setting up your music application to use the ASIO4ALL driver, which will be explained in the setup procedure for each music player software program.

3) Once your music player is installed and configured properly to use ASIO4ALL, the ASIO4ALL driver must be configured. Access the ASIO4ALL control panel as explained in the setup procedure for your music player on this website.

NOTE: If you are using more than one music player program, the ASIO4ALL DLL must be separately configured from within each program. Changes to the settings made from within one program do not carry over to any other program.

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