Windows Setup :


For a Windows computer, there are two distinct aspects to cover. One is to set up the version of Windows you are using for the maximum audio performance, and the other is to choose and configure your music player. We will cover the setup instructions for each of the most popular operating systems and music players separately. Windows Versions

There are currently two commonly used versions of Windows—XP and Vista—with a third looming on the horizon (Windows 7). All are capable to excellent audio performance when properly configured. Please refer to the links below for instructions on configuring your version of Windows to get the best performance from your Ayre USB D/A converter.

Earlier versions of Windows use a different driver model and may not work properly with asynchronous USB transfer protocol used by the Ayre USB D/A converters.

Music Players

There are literally dozens of choices when it comes to music players. For most users we recommend J.River for its combination of ease of use, excellent ripping capability, flexible tagging options, and high sound quality. J.River it is a ready-to-go, all-in-one solution yet is highly configurable with many features. J.River also supports a wide variety of file formats and has its own online database for tagging music files. For many people J.River is perhaps the best overall choice.

Foobar 2000 is another popular music player with a great deal of flexibility, and in specific cases may offer some advantages over J.River. However,Foobar 2000 is more of a "do-it-yourself" kit than an "all-in-one" program. The basic setup is very easy, but configuring it to fit your needs may prove to be a bit challenging. It does not provide the slick package offered by J.River, but it does have its own "stripped down" appeal for the computer enthusiast, and is capable of excellent audio performance.

J.River uses Apple's QuickTime software to decode the Apple music file formats, AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) and ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Coding). The combination of the two programs creates a few minor quirks, so if you rely on one of the Apple formats, Foobar 2000 may be a better choice. For nearly everyone else, J.River is recommended.

By now you will probably already know which of these audio players, J.River or Foobar 2000, best suits your needs. If not, please refer to the setup instructions for each of them for further information that will aid you in your decision. Please note that the setup instructions for each music player is slightly different, depending on which operating system you are using.

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