V-1xe : stereo amplifier
“I'd put it up against anyone’s $40,000 monoblocks.”
arrowV-1xe Stereo Amplifier –Marc Mickelson, SoundStage!

“With no apologies, the powerful Ayre V-1x re-creates sound both true to the recording and consistent with the original performance. It’s the most musical solid-state amplifier I've heard...”
arrowAyre Acoustics V-1X Stereo Amplifier –John Leosco, SoundStage!

“…a rich, palpable, three-dimensional midrange that seemed to reach out, grab, and draw me into the emotional center of the music.”
arrowAyre Acoustics V-1X Stereo Amplifier –Michael Fremer, Stereophile

“So the Ayre V-1 is not just recommended or even highly recommended. If you need an even-tempered high-power amp, it is perhaps the only recommendation.”
arrowAyre Acoustics V-1 Amplifier –Todd Warnke, SoundStage!