Now Through June 17th – Twenty Upgrade Sale!

Ayre is offering an upgrade on your KX-R or MX-R to the latest Twenty technology. Now through June 17th, KX-R customers will receive a 28% discount off their upgrade price. MX-R customers will receive 10% off their upgrade price for the pair.

Your R series products are crafted from the highest grade materials available for uncompromised musicality.

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Phone Number : + 1 303.442.7300

Here is a list of the innovations included in the R series.

  • Equilock Gain Stage
  • Variable Gain (VGT) volume circuit
  • Ayre’s Diamond Output Stage
  • AyreLock Power Supply
  • Ayre Conditioner RFI filter

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About Ayre

Ayre is recognized as a world leader in the industry, and its full line of audio and video components sets new standars in innovation, design, and performance. We proudly offer the finest equipment for your listening and viewing pleasure. Combining stunning realism with exceptional clarity. Ayre components offer a natural, relaxed presentation that draws you into your favorite music and films as never before. Ayre’s bold, unique design approach ensures superlative levels of performance. Every design detail is focused on a single aim-unprecedented musical and cinematic delight. All of our products employ Ayre’s exclusive fully-balanced, zero-feedback circuitry, with special emphasis lavished on the power supply. The result is a new world of artistic insight and experience