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intimately experiencing music and cinema that is perfectly timed and naturally alive

Ayre Acoustics, Inc. has been designing and building superior quality, award-winning audio and video equipment since 1993. Ayre is recognized as a world leader in the industry, and its full line of audio and video components sets new standards in innovation, design, and performance. We proudly offer the finest equipment for your listening and viewing pleasure.



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MP Filter

MP Filter

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Our mission is to create audio and video systems that provide a lifetime of excitement and discovery. Combining stunning realism with exceptional clarity. Ayre components offer a natural, relaxed presentation that draws you into your favorite music and films as never before. Ayre's bold, unique design approach ensures superlative levels of performance. Every design detail is focused on a single aim-unprecedented musical and cinematic delight. All of our products employ Ayre's exclusive fully-balanced, zero-feedback circuitry, with special emphasis lavished on the power supply. The result is a new world of artistic insight and experience


Ayre products are manufactured in Boulder, Colorado. Each component is carefully hand-assembled on-site by a dedicated technician, using only state-of-the-art materials and assembly techniques. Quality control is assured by a rigorous testing procedure, as well as a thorough inspection process. Ayre's services and support is unsurpassed. Our environmentally responsible manufacturing processes include the careful selection of equally conscientious American suppliers. Enter the world of Ayre; enter a new dimension of musical meaning and cinematic enjoyment.

  1. The Beginning


    Charles Hansen founded Ayre Acoustics, Inc.

  2. V-3 Zero-feedback Fully-balanced amplifier introduced


  3. Ariel Brown joins Ayre


  4. K-3 Zero-feedback Fully-balanced preamplifier introduced


  5. The Ayre V-1 amplifier is released


  6. The Ayre D-1 DVD Player is released


  7. The MX-R monoblocks redefine amplification


  8. Charles Hansen R.I.P.




Charles Hansen founded Ayre Acoustics in 1993, following his success as a speaker designer and founder of Avalon Acoustics. Charley’s passion for absolute truth in sound reproduction led him on a 25-year endeavor at Ayre to design audio and video systems that provide a lifetime of excitement and discovery.

A master of both analog and digital designs, Charley routinely broke the mold, and had sound logic in all of his design decisions which included some of the most forward thinking concepts of the time, and more than pleasing results.

Charles Hansen passed away on November 28th, 2017. Those who knew Charley knew that he was a passionate man who always stood up for what he believed to be right. His spirit and his mission of creating and manufacturing the best sounding audio equipment in the world lives on with Ariel Brown, and the team at Ayre Acoustics.


Ariel Brown was hired by Charles Hansen, while attending college at Colorado School of Mines in 1996, sharing both a passion for materials sciences, and cycling with Charley. Right away, Ariel was trusted with hand building products such as the K3 Preamplifier, and V1 Stereo Amplifier, and worked side by side with Charley. He then was appointed to the title of Lead Designer, by Ayre’s 10th product, the universally loved K5xeMP Preamplifier, and all products thereafter.

Having only ever worked for Charles Hansen, and by applying, preserving and refining his influence in circuit design topology for analog and digital creations throughout the years, Ariel has been instrumental in ensuring that Ayre Acoustics never skipped a beat during our founders life changing accident, and after his passing a decade later.

After 21 years of study and partnership alongside Charley, the legacy of Ayre Acoustics remained in tact with no lapses in new developments when Ariel Brown assumed the role of Chief Technical Officer and Vice President in 2017. Then in 2023, Ariel became the Ayrehead-In-Chief, further ensuring that the technological and companies core values are continued and the impact of our sound appreciated by more people around the world; just as Charley hope it would.


Jake Forsyth came to Ayre Acoustics in 2022, and has brought a variety of audio industry experience. Growing up with tape cassette’s in hand from a young age, and recording music from the radio directly onto the hifi setup at home, the passion for good sounding music came naturally very early. Graduating from the Recording Institute of Technology at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, in 2006, the following two years were spent recording for Brigitte Burdine, in Santa Monica, California before moving to Colorado.

Spending nearly a decade in brick and mortar retail management for the pro audio industry after arriving in Colorado, Jake had discovered the HiFi industry through the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in 2017, and a little over a year later had the opportunity to shift into HiFi.

Bringing forward new ideas and innovations, maximizing the performance and potential for Ayre Acoustics, and constantly asking “what if?”, Jake has taken on the role of Lieutenant Ayrehead in 2023, to assist Ariel Brown as the stewards of the Ayre Acoustics legacy and guiding the company into new territories.

The future is bright and the course is charted to Fourty!

  • The VX-8 extends Ayre’s reputation for refined amplification that commendably reproduces music of all genres while asserting its singular, special sound, as unique today, under the guiding hand of Ariel Brown, as with its originator, Charley Hansen. A heartfelt, shout-it-from-the rooftops recommendation.
  • – Ken Micallef; Stereophile Vol.46 NO.10.