QB-9 Twenty USB DAC


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The QB-9 Twenty has held its place in Ayre’s history as one of our most popular products ever. The hyper-focused functionality of our USB input only DAC design allowed us to scale up in parts quality everywhere we could; putting the performance of this little DAC up against the worlds best.

It’s the vinyl lovers DAC !

We have a small batch of QB-9 Twenty’s that have been built using the remaining stock of original chassis design materials with brand new Twenty circuits.

These units are being offered with our full Five Year factory warranty.

Secure one for yourself today before they are gone; again!

Domestic Orders will ship in 2-3 business days.

Here is what has been improved with the Twenty update:

    • Our Diamond output circuit improves musicality and bass response.
    • A new JFET differential stage lowers the noise floor.
    • AyreLock power supply regulation for better rendering of fine musical detail.
    • New AC noise filtering for improved resolution.
    • Custom Ayre Asynchronous USB technology further reducing electrical noise in the system.
    • New ESS DAC chip (ES9038Q2M) for improved signal to noise ratio and spatial detail.
    • Six layer board design for optimal circuit isolation.
    • Proprietary re-clocking to eliminate USB domain jitter.
    • PCM play back up to 384 kHz
    • Native DSD capability up to DSD256 (4x)
    • HDCD decoding

8.5″W x 11.5″D x 3″H (21.5cm x 29cm x 7.5cm)

5 pounds (2.3 kg)

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Weight 500 oz
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 in