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IBE Disc


System Enhancement Disc

This disc is designed to enhance the listening enjoyment of your audio system.

The main tool is a five minute glide tone, that when played through your system at a moderately low listening volume, will improve its sound. While we don’t have conclusive proof of the mechanism involved, we suspect that it functions by demagnetizing residual fields that build up in your components over time. We recommend playing this track on a periodic basis, from perhaps once a week to once a month. We put this track at the end of the disc so that it can be easily played even if the system is unattended. The other tracks have more specialized functions.

The tracks on this disc were created digitally with 88.2 kHz, 32-bit resolution. Enhanced resolution transfer to the 44.1 kHz, 16-bit CD format was performed using 0.5 bits of dither with a triangular probability distribution function for maximum fidelity.


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  • …I “treat” my system with Ayre’s Irrational, But Efficacious! glide-tone disc—another tweak that I was convinced would make no difference whatsoever, but that removed several layers of grunge whether I believed in it or not.
    -Wes Phillips, Stereophile