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Vision, Hard Work, Innovation and a Commitment to Excellence.

These are the elements which have allowed us to achieve our mission of creating music systems that provide a lifetime of excitement and discovery. They are the commitment of our team to all Ayre owners, ourselves, to the legacy of our founder Charley Hansen, and his vision for what is possible to achieve in musical reproduction.

"Things will happen for reasons that you just can't understand where it comes from, or where it will

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Hi-Fi News reviews the Ayre KX-5/VX-5 Twenty

This is a stellar pre/power duo in which the musical rewards justify both the asking price and the complexity of the design. Above all, the music flows freely with natural, unforced dynamics and an exceptionally natural sense of rhythm and timing. While the VX-5 offers ample power, the KX-5 pre is easy to use with well




  • Ayre Acoustics’ QX-5 Twenty is one of the finest-sounding, most versatile digital audio products I have had the pleasure of using.
    -John Atkinson, Stereophile

Ayre QB-9 Twenty Update!

The QB-9 was one of the most successful Ayre products ever. There are thousands of them out in the world, and to many owners, the QB-9 is still their favorite piece of audio gear. As part of our commitment to providing a lifetime of enjoyment from Ayre products,...

EX-8 Integrated Hub

Read the new review of our EX-8 Integrated Hub by Phil Wright! Pristine, well defined, transparent. ...it’s a well-rounded package: a single unit that switches listener focus away from the equipment and toward the music — an ideal fit for any Music-First Audiophile. Read the full review here.




Charles Hansen founded Ayre Acoustics in 1993, following his success as a speaker designer and founder of Avalon Acoustics. Charley’s passion for absolute truth in sound reproduction led him on a 25-year endeavor at Ayre to design audio and video systems that provide a lifetime of excitement and discovery.
Charles Hansen passed away on November 28th, 2017. Those who knew Charley knew that he was a passionate man who always stood up for what he believed to be right. His spirit and his mission of creating and manufacturing the best sounding audio equipment in the world lives on in the team at Ayre.