Computer Audio Overview:


The integration of the personal computer (PC) into the home stereo system has provided a revolutionary way to purchase, store, organize, and play your digital music collection. An Ayre USB analog to digital (A/D) converter and an Ayre digital to analog (D/A) converter provides an equally revolutionary way to store and play back your music collection with unprecedented fidelity and realism.

Connected via the ubiquitous USB port and using the Streamlength® asynchronous USB transfer mode (Streamlength® is a registered trademark of Wavelength Audio, Ltd.), an Ayre USB converter generates a fixed-frequency master audio clock and sends or requests the audio data to or from the computer at the correct time for jitter-free playback of your music. Now the USB converter is in control and provides the critical master audio clock; the computer simply stores the music files without creating jitter that degrades audio performance. Ayre USB converters also utilize techniques to ensure total galvanic isolation of all outputs, providing optimal performance in any configuration.

To learn more about how to setup and use your Ayre USB converter, use the menus above to select the converter type (analog to digital or digital to analog) that you are using.

Important Reminder - Back Up Your Music Files!

No matter what your choice of computer, operating system, and music playing software, please remember one important fact—all hard drives will eventually develop problems and you may lose precious data. Be sure to back up your music files! You will likely end up with hundreds of hours and/or thousands of dollars invested in these files. Taking a few minutes to back them up can save a lot of heartache down the road.